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Coinbase Bitcoin

Coinbase Raised $5M Funding For Bitcoin Startup

Bitcoin startup are beginning to boom again. According to Wall Street Journal, Coinbase’s founders Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong announced Tuesday the largest funding round to date for a Bitcoin startup, a $5 million

US regulators eye Bitcoin supervision

U.S. Regulators Eyes To Take Control Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the rising internet currency could be regulated by authorities in near future. After the turbulence at the online currency, the U.S. CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) considering whether the digital currency falls under

PPCoin GPU Mining

How To Mine PPCoin (PPC) With Your PC

PPCoin, yet another altcoin in the town, PPC is the first crypto-currency based on a combination of Proof of Stake/Proof-of-work system. As on May 2013, PPCoin had a market cap of $4 million USD,

encrypt bitcoin qt wallet

Newbie Guide To Secure Bitcoin QT Wallet

Bitcoin, the most valuable thing in your computer, could be exposed to several vulnerabilities. Today we’ll guide you in depth to secure your Bitcoin wallet. Let’s start with bitcoin client, we recommend you to

Bitcoin in China

China Poised To Become Leader Of Bitcoin Market

Bitcoin is getting popular in china day by day, last week we saw a sudden spike in official Bitcoin client from China as Chinese TV broadcaster CCTV aired a 30 minute show on Bitcoins,

Future of Bitcoin

Dan Kaminsky : Bitcoin Is A Big Deal

Dan Kaminsky, a leading internet-security expert, posted his thoughts on Bitcoin. In a recent Wired article, Dan stated “Bitcoin’s no more disruptive to the dollar than the euro — but it’s still a big

Asicminer USB Dongle 300 MH/s

ASIC Based USB Block Erupter 300 MH/s From ASICMiner

After a successful auction of 10 GH/s ASIC blades, ASICMiner just introduced bitcoin community with their upcoming USB dongle sized, 300 MH/s bitcoin miner which draws ~500ma current. First batch is under production and

Mtgox Lawsuit

Mtgox Hit With $75 Million Lawsuit

Mtgox, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, slapped with a $75 million lawsuit by CoinLab. According to a report published by Gawker, CoinLab alleges Mtgox to breach the terms of the agreement, in which CoinLab


ESEA Employee Creates Botnet To Mine Bitcoin From 14000 Computers

An employee of the gaming network ESEA has embedded a Bitcoin miner on customer computers without their knowledge. According to Wired, the North American e-sports league operators ESEA internally experimented a new beta client

Litecoin Mining Difficulty

Litecoin Is The Future Of GPU Mining

Litecoin, conceptually similar to virtual currency Bitcoin but aims to have a fast and lighter structure. Litecoin is generally considered as Silver of crypto currencies while Bitcoin as Gold. Litecoin was born after some