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Let’s Learn Everything About Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)? Starting from block 491,407 on the bitcoin blockchain, another alternative version of the protocol is launched, resulting in a variant known as bitcoin gold.  Anyone who has bitcoin (BTC)

Mt Gox Bankruptcy Protection

Mt Gox Files For Bankruptcy Protection In Tokyo

Mt. Gox, once the largest Bitcoin exchange just filed for Bankruptcy Protection in Tokyo, Japan. According to reports Mt. Gox had liquid liabilities of 6.5 billion yen ($63.67 million), dwarfing its total assets of

Feds Get Signal To Sell 30,000 Bitcoins Seized From Silk Road

It was just a matter of time, US Feds finally got the green signal to sell off 29,655 bitcoins, worth about $25 million at the time of writing. According to Manhattan attorney’s office the

Bitcoin Forex and CFD

List Of Best Bitcoin Forex And CFD Trading Services

Contracts for Differences aka CFD was developed to allow traders to trade stock, forex, index or commodity position without having to physically own the underlying instrument itself. Nothing is being purchased, you are only

Cointerra Asic

Cointerra 28nm Chips To Rival Asic Companies

Looking forward to pre-order a bitcoin mining hardware ? We suggest you to have a look at Cointerra first. Cointerra, recently announced their plans to dominate Bitcoin ASIC mining with their 28nm chips. Cointerra team

Mt. Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange, suspends withdrawals in dollars

Mt. Gox Halts Withdrawals In USD For 2 Weeks

Mt. Gox, world’s largest online exchange for Bitcoin, just announced it is suspending US Dollars withdrawals temporarily for the next two weeks. As per companies press release, it has been experiencing unusually high volumes

Mtgox Technocash

Mt. Gox Breakup With Australian Service Technocash

Mt. Gox announced to end their operations with Technocash from June 15th 2013. Technocash is an Australian service popular with Japanese-based BitCoin exchange Mt. Gox to withdraw & fund AUD easily in to Bitcoins. Mt.

Cryoniks Frostbit Bitcoin Miner

Cryoniks Frostbit Asic Miner Is A Real Product Or Scam ?

Cryoniks Frostbit Asic Miner, claimed to produce 1000GH/s. Company also claims an on-board liquid nitrogen generator to cool down the hardware while consuming 2800 watts/hr with a price tag of $14,995. All these stats

OKPay Bitcoin

OKPay To Suspend All Operations With Bitcoin Exchanges

It’s becoming harder day by day to get money into bitcoin, first Dwolla then Liberty Reserve and now OKPay suspended their operations with Bitcoin exchanges, in this month. Is the bitcoin slowly being excluded

Liberty Reserve Money Laundering

Liberty Reserve Closed For Alleged Money Laundering

Liberty Reserve, one of the popular payment processors for USD and Euro, has been closed by United States and Costa Rica police agencies and it’s owner Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, was arrested in Spain (source).