Bitcoin Price Rally By 2021 Looks Likely From Five Fundamental Factors

For the previous two months, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has fluctuated between $8,600 and $10,000. Following a major rejection at $10,440 in May, BTC has shown little volatility. Five important structural variables, however, continue to point to a long-term upswing through 2021.

As per Skew statistics, Bitcoin’s 10-day realized volatility hit its lowest point of the year on June 24. This could signal that investors are wary since BTC is approaching a critical price milestone.

BTC’s progress over the following several weeks may provide insight into its price trend for the rest of every year. The majority of market participants are optimistic about Bitcoin’s medium-term prospects. expect BTC and other prominent cryptocurrencies to suffer short-term losses owing to external forces such as the COVID-19 outbreak.

 Significant macro fundamentals suggest that BTC is on pace for a strong rebound in the long term. The surge in “HODLing” activity among investors is the most prominent piece of data that confirms forecasts of a favorable trend. If the net stock change of BTC HODLers remains positive, it indicates that investors are not transferring funds from personal wallets to exchanges to sell.

On some major futures platforms, the price of Bitcoin fell below $3,600 in March 2020. According to Alistair Milne, a chief investment officer of Altana Digital Currency Fund, there aren’t many reasons that could shatter investor confidence in the future.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s assets under management increased from $1.577 billion to $3.541 billion between March 2020 and March 2021. The significant rise in AUM shows that institutional demand is growing at a similar rate. Institutions in the United States, in particular, have a limited number of investment vehicles via which they can obtain exposure to Bitcoin.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is expected to remain the preferred platform for investment firms in the absence of a marketplace fund. In addition to other constructive technical structures and macro indicators, future data suggests that the market is not overbought.

When the price of Bitcoin undergoes a major correction, it is usually due to overleveraged buyers capitulating. Buyers often raise capital with a ratio of up to 100x on futures exchanges like BitMEX to put a long-term contract on Bitcoin. If the price of BTC falls, it might trigger a chain reaction of liquidations and a sharp price decline.


Bitcoin: How Beauty Can Benefit From Cryptocurrency

The popularity of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens is tremendous. Because of cryptocurrencies’ ultimate benefits to their investors, many companies and organizations have already started investing and accepting cryptocurrencies. Multiple small businesses accept bitcoin evolution to get the advantages of low-cost and fast transactions. Recently in 2021, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Car Company, announced that the company has started accepting bitcoin payments to purchase Tesla Cars. Following this, many cosmetic brands and retailers have also announced that they will take the benefit of cryptocurrencies.

Lately, Jeffree Star endorsed his latest collection by sharing 3D animation portraying him in a pink box on Instagram to all his followers. Instead of a lipstick line or a makeup palette, Jeffree has started to use cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by presenting his digital artwork by collaborating with the most popular artist named Marcelo Cantu. Cryptocurrencies are great alternatives to fiat currencies as these are digital currencies that are decentralized in nature and work independently of banks. After corporations and Car companies, the beauty industry has started to deal in cryptocurrencies.

Not only Jeffree Star but in January 2021, a U.K.-based beauty brand named Wake Skincare developed for connection generation publicized that the brand has begun accepting popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a form of payment. Along with bitcoin, they have also added Ethereum as a payment method. The brand, Wake Skincare, has joined a plethora of labels capitalizing on the boom of the crypto industry through rewards programs or payment methods.

Why has Wake Skincare started accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum?

In one of the interviews, the co-founder of Wake Skincare named Alex Mavor said that “the reason behind their brand accepting cryptocurrencies is because no other beauty brand is doing it.” Alex even said that he started investing in bitcoin in 2016, and today, he started accepting it for the beauty brand because he sees bitcoin will help in the success of their company. He added that “It might be possible that at first, we will not get lots of customers, but some customers who are early adopters of bitcoin will at least make payments with Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

It is clear that the skyrocketing value of bitcoin is best to hold instead of spending it. But businesses and companies can earn profits by using bitcoin as a medium of exchange because of its volatile market and fluctuating price. 


Norway Finance Minister Sees Great Interest In Cryptocurrency

Last week, in an interview, the finance minister of Norway named Jan Tore Sanner said that “Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are known for their volatility and a period of breakthroughs, but it will move beyond this point of time. He added, “It is clearly visible that cryptocurrencies are developing over time, and these digital currencies, when they get more stabilized mechanisms, can lead to more upheavals and breakthroughs in a long period.” According to him, cryptocurrency isn’t a market, and that he would suggest all the industries or people enter.

According to him, the Finance minister also said that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin system could never make it to the mainstream unless and until they are regulated properly. He also mentioned that digital currencies are quite popular among criminals. Sanner added, people should study the crypto market and then make their own decision about whether they should invest in bitcoin or not. Still, he put more emphasis on describing the cryptocurrencies that aren’t ready yet to be replaced with regular money.

Sanner spoke out that there is a great interest in cryptocurrencies across the world, especially in Norway, but it isn’t suitable to be considered as the mode of payment. The incline and rivals of bitcoin have triggered a swing of warnings from both monetary authorities and government, who are pointing to cryptocurrencies’, being short of the original value. In the meantime, the central banking systems are being innovative and are planning to develop their digital currencies to complete the system and move towards being a cashless world.

Oystein Olsen, the governor of the central bank of Norway, is one of the disbelievers of Bitcoin. Still, he is the billionaire owner of the biggest corporate empire of the Norway country that has emerged as a great bitcoin enthusiast. A shareholder in Aker named Kjell Inge Rokke even said that Bitcoin revolution would definitely end on the right and positive side of history, which provides a hint that the company might start with bitcoin payments in the future.

The Finance Minister of Norway urged consumers to think and research before investing their hard-earned money into cryptocurrencies or digital arts, as these are associated with many risks. He said that bitcoin might experience more breakthroughs if its market and price stabilizes in the future. You must think a hundred times before investing in any crypto asset and must learn about regulations.



Binance has officially launched first of its kind, zero-commission tradable stock tokens which are denominated and collateralized in BUSD (Binance US dollar)  regulated stable coin pegged to the US dollar and issued by Paxos Trust Company. Binance US dollar is used to calculate returns quicker and easier into real money. These tradable stock tokens are fully supported by a depository portfolio of elementary securities that represent the omitted tokens.

TESLA is the first listed Binance stock token which was scheduled to open on 12th April 2021, wherein the Binance website will be the official platform to trade fractional Tesla stocks. Binance will be introducing more stock tokens and features to meet the current market demand.

Stock tokens, unlike traditional tokens, can be fragmented into small and much affordable parts which basically mean more people would be benefitted from capital returns on the shares. Binance –a cryptocurrency exchange has launched these marketable stock tokens so that a larger section of the public can earn capital returns on equities and incredible dividends without having to buy full and traditional shares. So a user is eligible to buy 1 percent of a share represented by a digital token.

“Each digital token represents one share of equity stock and is fully backed by a depository portfolio of underlying securities that represents the outstanding tokens. Users will be able to trade fractional tokens.” Stated by Binance

Residents of Mainland China, turkey, the United States and other restricted administrations are not allowed to trade Binance stock tokens. Any interested trader must first pass the two levels of KYC (know-your-customer) including identification and face verification to be eligible to trade these stock tokens. For German users, a 3 level KYC (know your customer) verification is needed which includes address proof, advanced identity checks, risk assessment and suitability questionnaire. Binance is currently working with CM-Equity AG which is a licensed investment firm in Germany and Swiss-based Digital Assets AG, an asset tokenization platform.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says that “digital stock tokens will provide a bridge between traditional and crypto markets and broaden access to equity markets, resulting in a more inclusive financial future.”

According to prnewswire, Binance stock token’s quarter one of 2021 has seen incredible growths with a 260 percent increase in the traded volume and a 346 percent growth in users. Besides the digital token, the Binance coin, also known as, BNB has been picked up by more than 900 percent as of this year.

Stock tokens are classic for the users who look onto diversifying their investment anthology beyond cryptocurrencies, more into traditional financial markets. People who don’t have enough funds to acquire a stockbroker or find it much difficult to trade stocks can opt for the option of trading stock tokens instead, which may help them get more experience and exposure into traditional money markets. Buying of stock tokens is compensation for the fully paid-up shares which are non-affordable to a few of the enthusiast investors as of now.


Terrorists Still Raise Money Through Crypto, But The Impact Is Limited

The role of cryptocurrency in Terrorism would be minuscule. This is not a way that is embraced by people to finance for terrorism. In this digital world, there are a lot of frauds happening, including money laundering, terrorist financing and breach of data and so on. The United States Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen stated that cryptocurrencies is considered to be a tool to fund for terrorism. There is a key turn that is taken to fight against terrorism and this has raised many questions. The main question is how dangerous is it if the crypto is in the hands of terrorists to the society as well as the government and the other question that is on the rise is how much risk it poses to the cryptocurrency and block chain industries.

The evidences that are submitted in the recent times proven that the role of crypto currency in the increase of terrorism would be very minute. The cryptocurrency was being used in many of the terrorist financial activities. However, this was not the primary way to receive funds to the terrorist groups. This was stated by the director of Jeanette and Eli Reinhard Program on Counterterrorism and intelligence. Gina Pieters, who is working as the assistant professor in the Department of Economics in the University of Chicago stated that the cryptocurrency can be a tool. However, Yellen chose to say the words carefully. It was stated that this is not a major tool, but is growing. With the growth of cryptocurrency, it will be used in many of the criminal activities.

Dave Jevans, who is the CEO of the Cipher Trace, expressed few of the uneasiness about the treasury secretary words. If some of the great leaders would consider cryptocurrency to be associated with many illegitimate activities, then the regulators would impose stringent rules on the transactions that are carried out through cryptocurrency. By banning blanket cryptocurrency, it would prevent mass adoption and innovation in this arena. The issue must be raised and bring it to the notice of the people. The misuse of this currency would be considered as a geopolitical issue with many trying to avoid the sanctions imposed like in Iran, Russian and Venezuela. The help that is done to the terrorist groups through this cryptocurrency would be worrisome. Though, the financing through cryptocurrency is happening in small amounts and it is traced that out of 37.35 bitcoins, a mere of around 0.00324% is spent on the illegitimate activity. The US has seized the cryptocurrency accounts of three of the terrorist groups in the Middle East. It is the largest seizure of cryptocurrency accounts so far.

There are many Jihadi groups, which are using cryptocurrency for years. The MEMRI observed that there are a few groups who are discussing the usage of cryptocurrencies. The news related to Jihadis and cryptocurrency has led companies to shut the accounts. However, not all the cryptocurrency would address the financial needs of terrorists. However, the cryptocurrencies like bitcoins have improved usability and there is a little evidence gathered and found that there are a few terrorist groups who would use cryptocurrencies. It is essential for these groups to get money without letting the government know about it. The cryptocurrency is found to be the best way to move funds without physical transportation and much risk.


Luno highlights rise in use cases for crypto in Africa

Advanced technology is something that is accepted worldwide in a short duration. Though full-fledged use of the same may take some time, it penetrates in different markets soon. Something similar is happening today with the spread of cryptocurrencies and its related technologies. Though some countries have already started using them, and some more are still in the phase of preparing a platform, African countries also have shown a sign of a better move in this direction. 

According to a report published by Luno, there is great potential for cryptocurrency in the African region. It highlighted many factors that can trigger the crypto rally in this region. Other than that, hurdles for this growth were also discussed in the reports. Let us take a look at how crypto is positioned in this part of the world. The demand for this type of digital wallet is growing across the globe, and Africa seems to be no exception. It is interesting to see some positive developments in this regard in recent years.

Most promising region for cryptocurrency

For the world economy, African countries have special significance as they are known for their development and boosting the economy with vast development in almost every segment. When you observe the region of Africa, the striking feature is its cultural diversity and how they are different from their neighboring countries. However, when it comes to socioeconomic issues, there are too many similarities between most African countries. As the continent struggles to sustain in this fast-paced world, crypto can become a game-changer as it is practically suited for such regions. While other countries may look at crypto as an investment objective, it can bring in a lot of stability in regions like Africa. In this regard, Africa can be considered as the most promising region for cryptocurrency.

Crypto ownership trends

Take a look at the ownership trends of cryptocurrencies in different nations, and you will be able to understand the potential in the near future. According to Google Trends data, countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda list in the top 10 nations that own cryptocurrencies. You will be surprised to know that 13% of the South African populace owns cryptocurrency, and this is a big indicator of the gaining popularity of the cryptocurrency in this region.

Political instability in the African region

The biggest hurdle for this growth is the political instability in this region that has been haunting this continent for many decades. There have been civil conflicts in recent years, and most of the countries suffer from high inflation and other economic problems. The GDP has collapsed in most countries, and there is no sign of revival shortly. There is also a risk of wealth confiscation due to high levels of political instability. In these circumstances, crypto has various threats as well as opportunities in this region.

Future of crypto in Africa

The future looks bright for Africa if things are planned in the proper manner. To begin with, the economic situation going bad can also boost the demand for stable and reliable currencies like crypto in this region. Once the issues with cryptocurrencies are fixed, and most developed countries start owning cryptocurrencies, this region will show more interest in such options. Apart from that, the political stability factor plays a major role as this will help the country make more investments in different assets. There are few African nations that can lead the rally in this crypto world, and this will set the trend for the rest of the continent in the coming years.


Bitcoin Dominance Growing — What It Could Mean for Altcoins

After getting a lot of attention in the year 2017, the price of Bitcoin started to drop in 2018. Where Bitcoin has started to recover from the 2018 market price decline, altcoin continues to decline. The price of Bitcoin significantly increased in the year 2019. It was under $4000 at the beginning of the year and its value increased around $14000 in the middle of the year.

Altcoins, on the other hand, was strong during the rise of the year 2019. And some people were even calling it an “altseason”. Bitcoin continues to grow from the year 2019 till now but altcoin is slipping its rank of the number 1 cryptocurrency.

People have a different point of views on it. It has created a situation of debate among them as to whether the Bitcoin will continue to grow or not. They are curious whether or not altcoin will come to the first place ever again.

Even if there are least chances of returning the alt season, it is assured that cryptocurrencies are being used widely. The current bull cycle affects the adaptation of the cryptocurrencies.

How Bitcoin Is Performing In Comparison To Altcoin?

When the cryptocurrency created a lot of buzz throughout the world in 2017, Bitcoin rose to the highest mark of $20,000. The altcoin was also high at that time. But things change the subsequent year. Some of the cryptocurrencies even vanished from the industry.

The main reason for a sudden price increase was the hype around cryptocurrency. When the initial coin offering (ICO) became a trend, the cryptocurrency became popular again. The ICO tokens were also used in the altcoin market.

The Bitcoin’s increase was prominent in the year 2017 but the Ethereum was not rising at all. Since the peak of altseason, the price of altcoin has reduced by 80%. The Bitcoin has been dominating the altcoins since then.

Bitcoin Dominance: Will It Continue Throughout In The Future Too?

The price of Bitcoin is increasing to date. People are investing in Bitcoin System but they are also finding other alternatives to invest in the cryptocurrencies. As a result, altseason can rise again. During that time the Bitcoin no longer dominates the market.

When the Bitcoin becomes less popular, the cryptocurrency can fall into the situation of a bull run. The Bitcoin shares can be still recovered from the altcoins. If the market crashes in such a situation, it doesn’t affect the Bitcoins as much as it does the altcoins.

Usually, Bitcoin dominance stays around 60-80%. According to some graphs and market trends, if Bitcoin dominance index falls below 60%, it can be assumed that the altcoin season is going to begin.

It also indicates that the altcoins will be popular for a shorter duration. If the Bitcoin dominance rises from above 40% during the altcoin season, it is a signal that the Bitcoin is ready to replace the altcoins.

This year the altcoins have again faced a bull-run. This rise is also being connected to the number of new coins entering the market. The total number of altcoins is 5000. It is expected to reduce Bitcoin dominance. Thus, the altcoin market can bloom anytime during this year.

The Ethereum 2.0 is all set to be launched in July 2020. This crypto sector is the second largest in the cryptocurrencies. This upgrade can affect the transaction speeds more than anything.

It is expected that in the middle of 2020, the Bitcoin will again outperform the altcoins. One major reason for this bubble is “halvening”. It occurs when the reward to Bitcoin miners is halved after every four years. This also reduces the number of new Bitcoins to sell on the crypto market.

However, although the new bitcoin mining will reduce the other coins will continue to circulate in the market. Facebook, for instance, is going to launch its cryptocurrency. And there are other multinationals too following the steps of Facebook. These major companies can have their own set of effects on the market.

It is entirely difficult to comprehend whether or not Bitcoin will take over the market again. Since many factors are in the support of altcoins. It is too soon to decide anything right now. Bitcoin will have its effects on the market but altcoins are also standing strong.


Mama Bitcoin: Fishing For Female Empowerment With Crypto In West Africa

Mama Bitcoin, the pseudonym of a young Senegalese Bitcoiner called Bineta, was the first retailer in Senegal or even west Africa to accept crypto payments. She aims to inspire other women into getting into blockchain technology and start investing.

She started her journey in early 2017 and opened her village’s first bakery in Senegal’s capital. While the first steps of business investments were highly costly here, which is why she started with multi-level marketing or MLM. After this, she spent hours and hours researching BTC and its related content. She concluded how it would rise even further!

The bakery plan then dropped and then emerged her new business, a fishing commerce platform “Bleu Comme Le Mer”. According to him, bitcoin is not only a tool for freedom by an emerging technology to improve Africa’s development.

Bineta worked harder while writing more articles about the BTC industry and publishing them. This broadened her audience base to a massive extent.

Her business started accepting ETH and XTZ lately. Traders can buy any fish or sea animal they want from their business in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Not only does it streamline the entire fishing industry, but it also helps to undermine overfishing which is a common activity in west Africa.

Even though not every woman was convinced enough, there is always hope. In the Bitcoin meetup 2022, there were three women out of 20 participants, which isn’t a really bad start. The infectious energy and the potential of Mama Bitcoin will gradually raise the growth of cryptocurrencies to a national level.


Robinhood Partners With Chainalysis Ahead Of Crypto Wallet Launch

The Blockchain analytics firm Chainalyis will now be partnering with Robinhood to monitor compliance solutions. It is used chiefly for the Chainalysis Reactor and its investigations software. This partnership will facilitate data and tools for trading in its crypto wallet.

Chainalysis, last Monday, happened to announce that their integrated partnership with Robinhood Crypto will overcome and meet every compliance regulation for their users even before the launch of the crypto wallet. The crypto wallet is expected to roll out for users in early 2022. Thus, meeting the compliances before the launch is a very competitive move by Chainalysis and Robinhood.

According to Robinhood, Immediate Edge integrated platform will adapt the Chainalysis “Know Your Transaction,” a compliance monitoring solution. This update will ensure that the compliances are adequately met every time by the platform, reducing the risks of any future hindrances after the launch. This trading app will also use the Chainalysis certification programs to achieve this compliance.

As per Chainalysis, they work with the best regulators and law enforcement to follow the industry best practices and approaches aligned with the upcoming Robinhood commitment. According to Robinhood, the waitlist for the wallet launch has more than 1.6 million potential people who are actively ready to support and deposit BTC, ETH, DOGE, and other types of tokens. The application has also been tested rigorously since September.

Chainalysis is one of the leading solutions for tracking crypto transactions legitimately by government agencies and companies. However, after Robinhood went public in Nasdaq in July, the share price declined to a height of $70.39 on August 4 to $21.83, with a rough drop of about a whopping 70%. Thus, this collaboration may be a potential move to balance out this drop in the future.

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