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KNCMiner Asic Mining

KNCminer To Release 350 GH/s Miner In September

KNCminer, yet another Asic based mining hardware (under development) just released their newsletter regarding latest updates. They are Sweden based startup and currently in the early stages of development and products will be ready

TerraHash Avalon Asic Miner

TerraHash : Avalon ASIC Based Bitcoin Mining Equipment

With the rising price of bitcoin, mining is suddenly become a big business. Today, anybody can become a miner. The mining software is easy to operate, all you need is raw computing power. The

Asicminer USB Dongle 300 MH/s

ASIC Based USB Block Erupter 300 MH/s From ASICMiner

After a successful auction of 10 GH/s ASIC blades, ASICMiner just introduced bitcoin community with their upcoming USB dongle sized, 300 MH/s bitcoin miner which draws ~500ma current. First batch is under production and