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China Poised To Become Leader Of Bitcoin Market


Bitcoin is getting popular in china day by day, last week we saw a sudden spike in official Bitcoin client from China as Chinese TV broadcaster CCTV aired a 30 minute show on Bitcoins, in which Bitcoin was presented in a good light. The show was hosted by Economics in half an hour, a famous economics talk show in China (watch here).

It was a basic documentary related to  Bitcoin basics, mining, and interview of some early adopters. CCTV is a national broadcaster with a huge viewership in China. Given that the Chinese government has total control over the CCTV broadcasting.

After the broadcast, we noticed a big spike in numbers of official Bitcoin client. Needless to mention, the world’s largest economy is getting  familiar with Bitcoins can drive the currency and could create massive cross-border demand.

If the Chinese bitcoin exchange play fairly, it may even overtake MtGox as the major exchange by numbers alone. Overall this definitely sounds great for Bitcoin future.


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