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How To Mine PPCoin (PPC) With Your PC


PPCoin, yet another altcoin in the town, PPC is the first crypto-currency based on a combination of Proof of Stake/Proof-of-work system. As on May 2013, PPCoin had a market cap of $4 million USD, making it the third largest crypto-currency after Bitcoin and Litecoin.

You might want to download the PPCoin client first, You can download from official source here for Windows and Linux. Download it and install it. The first time you run the client it will have to synchronize with the network, this can take some time. the client will allow you to store coins locally on your PC just like Bitcoin QT wallet. However, you don’t really need the client, you can also store your coins online across various exchanges.

If you do use the client make sure to encrypt your wallet trough Settings->Encrypt wallet (instructions are same as Bitcoin Wallet). Without a password any trojan or hacker can easily take your coins when they steal your wallet.

Now back to Mining stuff, in early days CPU Mining was the main source to mining but the rise of GPU mining made CPU mining financially unwise. Nowadays most mining software dropped CPU Mining support. Next big thing after CPU is GPU a.k.a. your graphics card. GPU Mining is drastically faster and more efficient than CPU mining.

Following are the instructions to CPU / GPU mining of  PPcoin (PPC) with your PC.

Requirements : A PC / Laptop with a decent graphics card / power supply / cooling system.

Step One : Download a miner software that supports GPU mining. We recommend you GUI Miner, because it is very easy to use.

Step Two : Solo mining is not really possible in today’s Difficulty, so you should join a pool. We recommend you to join Coinotron. (list of other PPCoin Mining Pools)Next you need to go “ My Account ” to create a new worker: Register your workers and note down your credentials.

Step Three : Run GUIMiner, and configure the settings as given below.


  • Server : Other
  • Host :
  • Port : 8322
  • Username : (your worker name )
  • Password : (your password for worker)
  • Device : Select your GPU
  • Extra Flag : You can leave blank

Step Four : Hit the start button. That’s it, you are now mining PPcoin, make sure to add your  PPcoin address and pay-out threshold amount in your pool account.

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  1. Jay November 27, 2013 Reply

    Where to add “your PPcoin address and pay-out threshold amount in your pool account”?

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