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eToro Launches Ethereum Classic For CFD Trading


The largest social trading platform eToro (click here) has added Ethereum Classic as the tools of the trade in a pair of ETC / USD. eToro platform trades Ethereum Classic (ETC) on a ‘CFD’ basis, which means users buy and sell financial derivatives that track the ETC price without actually owning the underlying asset. Unfortunately, Ethereum deposits and withdrawals are not accepted on eToro. In easy words you cannot withdraw Ethereum currency itself rather than you can make profit or loss w.r.t. price change in Ethereum Classic itself.

“eToro reduce trade barriers, because it provides direct access to global financial markets six million users from 140 countries, who can invest in more than 1,200 tools with CFD. We are very pleased that the platform has been added to this innovative cryptocurrency like Ethereum Classic “ - said Yoni Assia of eToro.

The rapid growth in demand for ethereum classic cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of major online trading platforms and eToro is the latest of them to include ETC.

How to Buy Ethereum Classic at eToro :

Step One : Go to eToro by clicking on this link, enter your email address, username, password and mobile number. In-depth account information can be accomplished later on and is not entirely mandatory.

Step Two : Deposit money in your eToro account. eToro accepts Paypal, MoneyGram, Neteller as deposit and withdrawal methods. eToro also supports  WebMoney, Credit Card payments but for deposit purposes only. You have to deposit money using any of the above-mentioned payment methods and later you can trade Ethereum Classic (ETC) with that money.

Step Three : Open your Ethereum Classic buy trade.

  • Login to your eToro account.
  • Go to Trade Markets ? Currencies ? Ethereum Classic ? Trade

  • Finally, Confirm your investment and once you confirmed the order will be placed.

It is noteworthy that the CFD-contracts on the price of Bitcoin cryptocurrency appeared on the eToro platform back in 2014.


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