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Dark Wallet To Make Bitcoin Laundering Easy Launches Today


Cody Wilson and his partner Taaki Amir, both 26, just released very first version of the ‘Dark Wallet’ software. Dark Wallet is designed to encrypt bitcoin transactions in real time as they are spent, thus making it almost impossible to trace the currency’s flow. If Dark Wallet works as promised, this software could become a nightmare for financial authorities who try hard to prevent the Bitcoin becoming the currency of money launderers and black market.

Dark Wallet was first announced on Indiegogo, where the duo were successful to raise 50,000$. The software is currently available as Google Chrome extension while Firefox extension is still under development. If you are interested to check and test Dark Wallet then check the instructions here.


Dark Wallet gets in the Block Chain through a technique called CoinJoin: each time a user spends Bitcoins, the transaction is combined with that of another user Wallet Dark randomly selected. Both transactions are recorded as well as one in the public registry, and since the negotiation of this bipartisan transaction is encrypted, it is virtually impossible to determine how many Bitcoins were traded and what portfolio.

Dark Wallet’s creators have openly admitted that they created the software to help criminals disguise their activities online. “It’s just money-laundering software,” Wilson said at a debate at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Before you rush to draw conclusions, the application of the duo is not necessarily illegal. Protected by the U.S. Constitution itself of the provisions on freedom of expression, even though Wilson has done everything it can to attract the interest of each financial intelligence in the U.S. Wilson is widely known as creator of the world’s first 3D-printed gun, the Liberator.


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