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ASIC Based USB Block Erupter 300 MH/s From ASICMiner


After a successful auction of 10 GH/s ASIC blades, ASICMiner just introduced bitcoin community with their upcoming USB dongle sized, 300 MH/s bitcoin miner which draws ~500ma current. First batch is under production and expected to ship in 2-3 weeks. According to ASICMiner project “First batch will be given away to miners, fans and hardware / software developers made the assignments to us long before.”

USB Block Erupter is a very good alternative of GPU mining in term of price and running cost. For example an ATI 7850 graphic card produces 300 MH/s, consume 130 Watts and cost around $249. On the other hand, USB Asic produces 300 MH/s, consumes ~500 ma (negligible) and cost around 1.99 BTC = 220$ (current exchange price at the time of writing).

ASICMiner USB is likely to be auctioned through group-buy threads on Bitcointalk Forums, follow us on Facebook and stay updated with each and every news regarding this project.


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