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How To Create A New Ripple Wallet With Secret Key


Lost / Forget your ripple wallet name or password ? Can’t find a link to recover your user name or password ? Well here is the answer.

By default Ripple doesn’t offer any type of recovery of your wallet / user name or password because they don’t know your key. According to official documentation “ By design, ripple does not keep your Wallet Key! Only you know it! That’s why your Wallet is as safe as your Wallet Name and Passphrase, which you created and are responsible for safeguarding.”

Your online Ripple Wallet already contains your Secret account key, check here. The ripple network automatically generated it when you first created your wallet. If you loose or forget your wallet name or passphrase this key is the one and only way to access to your money, but not your contacts.

With your Secret Key you can create a new wallet, your money, history and trust lines will be imported automatically. Following are the instructions to create a new wallet with your secret key.

Note : If you don’t have your secret key, it’s impossible to recover money from that account.

Instructions to create new ripple wallet with secret key :

Step 1) Go to to create a new ripple wallet.
Step 2) Select the option for “Need to use your Secret Account Key?”

Step 3) Input your old secret key and create a new wallet name and passphrase

Step 4) Your new account is ready. You will have all your information in this account except your contacts.

Step 5) That’s it.


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  1. lee November 12, 2013 Reply

    Nice One Vinary thanks for that

  2. Mattias December 22, 2017 Reply

    Is secret account key the same as my 12 word pass phrase?

    • Prashar December 24, 2017 Reply

      ni it’s something like this >> nt5o9qJT4gJAR6Q1e9mbgPe6Nkiig

  3. Andrew December 30, 2017 Reply

    i have done exactly as described except the balance is at zero which of course it shouldnt be. does anyone know the reason for this

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