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Cointerra 28nm Chips To Rival Asic Companies


Looking forward to pre-order a bitcoin mining hardware ? We suggest you to have a look at Cointerra first.

Cointerra, recently announced their plans to dominate Bitcoin ASIC mining with their 28nm chips. Cointerra team is lead by Ravi Iyengar, previously the Lead CPU Architect at Samsung. Dr. David Tannenbaum is another key member of the team, he was Principal Engineer at NVIDIA and now Cointerra’s consultant Chief Architect and Designer.

Cointerra Asic

Cointerra was initially funded 1.5 million in angel investment from Bitcoin and technology investors. Company is about to finish their design of this ASIC development and expected to sell pre-orders later this month to fund production costs.

Cointerra will face direct competition with KNCMiner who are expected to deliver their 28nm miners in September. Cointerra indirectly answer KNCminer competition in their FAQ.

Our competitors’ strategy was focused on racing to market and in that respect it has been successful – they will ship first, and we won’t. Put simply, there’s a trade-off that is made in order to launch quickly, and they have sacrificed performance and efficient power consumption to enable them to hit their release date. Our ASIC design is nearly complete, and when finished we will show that it offers unparalleled performance with the lowest power consumption.

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