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KNCminer To Release 350 GH/s Miner In September


KNCminer, yet another Asic based mining hardware (under development) just released their newsletter regarding latest updates. They are Sweden based startup and currently in the early stages of development and products will be ready in the year end.

KNCMiner Asic Mining

KNC’s plan is to launch three ASIC miners Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, respectively $2795, $3795 and $6995. The Mars edition will mine only 6 GH/s where the Saturn is expected at 175 GH/s and Jupiter edition should get a wonderful 350 GH/s. Checkout specifications and more details on official website (Check Here).

Following are the highlights from KNCminer newsletter :

We have previously announced that Jupiter will have a minimum performance of 250GH/s. We can now be a little more accurate and say that it will be above 350GH/s. A few improvements have allowed this to happen. One of them is that we are now able to use the 28nm technology in our standard ASIC design.

Cheaper Asic Device : We have had many people asking for a cheaper ASIC device, so we have created Saturn, Saturn is a 4 blade device. Saturn still offers great value in terms of hash per dollar, but has a much more favourable purchase price of 3795 USD. It will have a minimum performance of 175 GH/s and because it’s based on the same modular design as Jupiter, they will ship alongside each other in September 2013.

Litecoin Mining device : A common request arriving on our desks is around us producing a Litecoin mining device. We have stated that we are looking into it, to see if we can develop a device that would make sense for the Litecoin community. What we would like to say at this stage is that we are removing things form our plate which in any way delay the shipment of our ASIC based Bitcoin mining hardware, having said that if we have any space in our resources. (Which we may increase in the near future) They are being targeted at producing a Litecoin device. So as of today it’s on the plan but is second only to the ASIC Bitcoin devices. We will continue to conduct research into Litecoin devices and see exactly how challenging it would be to produce an FPGA type setup for mining Litecoins.

Delivery is also important to our customers so we can also narrow down from saying autumn to the latter part of September 2013. We are able to commit to this deadline because of the experience that ORSoC brings.

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