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TerraHash : Avalon ASIC Based Bitcoin Mining Equipment


With the rising price of bitcoin, mining is suddenly become a big business. Today, anybody can become a miner. The mining software is easy to operate, all you need is raw computing power. The more processing power you have, the greater your mining ability. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the bitcoin gold rush.

Today a Silicon Valley based startup company, TerraHash (official website)announced that it will start selling BitSyncom’s Avalon ASIC chip based Bitcoin mining equipment very soon. According to company website, they are working on a modular design, with two types of board.

   1:  4.5 GHash/sec Board / 32 Watts / 1.99BTC


   2:  18 GHash/sec Board / 128 Watts / 6.99 BTC

Each module can be daisy chained with other modules through USB, with one of them connected to a computer and as the main controller. For an all-in-one solution, TerraHash will sell complete assembled kits containing up to Twenty 16-chip modules or Ten 64 chip modules, a power supply and cooling solution. The kits will be modular, which means additional modules can be installed in them later. Following are the specs of modules.

TerraHash DX mini, supports up to 20 x 4.5 GH/s boards while consuming 20 x 32 Watts. Thus making a 90 GH/s (max) rig @ 640 Watts (max) and cost 49.99 BTC, which is equal to $5750 at current market price.

TerraHash DX large, supports up to 10 x 18 GH/s boards while consuming  10 x 128 Watts. Thus a high end rig can produce 180 GH/s @ 1280 Watts and cost 84.99 BTC, which is equal to $9775 at current market price.

About ETA “We are still waiting for Avalon to release the specs. As soon as they do it, BkkCoins will hopefully finish the design and be able to send us some boards within 7-10 days, or we will try to get some manufactured locally here in Bay Area. The turn around time for boards is usually 3-4 days. So we hope we will have boards in 2 weeks.

After that we will do some testing for about 2 weeks. Basically within a month, we will be ready to assemble and ship upto 250 boards a day, given that we have the Avalon chips. Now that is a big variable, we have no idea when we will get the chips. However we will start taking orders for the assembly service, so that in case you receive your chips, you can send them over to us and we will start assembling your boards.”

They are not accepting any pre-orders at this time. They will start accepting orders only when the products are ready to ship. We’ll post new updates very soon, stay tuned with us.


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  1. BitCoinInformation May 9, 2013 Reply

    Damn if you bought TerraHash DX large, you would break even in 12-20 days. After that it is pure profit.

    • anony May 10, 2013 Reply

      thats at current difficulty rate. once all these asics flood the market it will go way up.

  2. noel May 15, 2013 Reply

    Hi this is a good posting one that is over due [content of posting not the post] I for one do not have the assets or the ability to gain access to 75 BTC’s to buy a Avalon miner. I have only been mining for a couple of months now in that time i have seen the bitcoin diff go from 7.5 mill to 11.1 mill and as such it is just not worth buying gpu cards to mine with now days. This is giving me and most likely other some hope for mining in the future as the smaller units are well priced at the present time so purchase to use to to miner and buy more with.

  3. ths July 13, 2013 Reply

    Be very cautious of terrahash, they are not honoring refunds or cancellations.

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