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List of PPCoin Mining Pools


PPCoin, yet another cryptocurrency inspired from bitcoin. PPCoin aims to achieve high energy-efficiency while keeping as much as the official Bitcoin properties as possible. For example, as of April 2013 Bitcoin miners were consuming $150,000 USD per day in electricity consumption. The proof-of-stake method of generating coins requires very minimal energy consumption, it only requires the energy to run the client software on a computer, as opposed to running resource-intensive cryptographic hashing functions.


Just like Bitcoins, PPCoins are also generated by CPU / GPU mining (check our guide here). In order to solve PPCoin mining algorithm, a huge amount of computational power is required. Since a block is awarded to single person, it is nearly impossible for a single person to achieve a block in current difficulty level.

On the other hand, Pooled mining allows a group of different people to generate a block using their combined computing power, and the reward is then split among them according to their processing contribution. Following is the list of some of the most famous and trustworthy PPCoin mining pools.

PPCoin Mining Pools :

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