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Track Bitcoin, Litecoin Price On Text or E-mail


Do you want to be notified with latest crypto-currencies prices via email or text on your phone number ? Well here is your answer. Go Bit Go is a free Notification Service to track alerts on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, PPcoin, Terracoin and Novacoin prices using live data from BTC-E and MT.Gox exchange.

Bitcoin market moves fast and its volatile nature can make or lose money in a blink of an eye. Go Bit Go will notify you by text / email when your chosen crypto-currency hits a pre-determined value that you choose or when an upward trend reverses by a particular value, also chosen by you.

Go Bit Go offers two type of notifier, first is “Value Based” where you can assign a particular value at which to be notified. Second is “Trailing Stop”  where you can set up an upward trend and you would be notified upon slippage; whereby the currency has reached its maximum upward level and the trend is reversing downward.

The service is free of charge and very easy to use. We hope it can be useful for people who want to track the price of Bitcoin without sticking to their computers open all the day.


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