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How to Survive a Bitcoin Crash : Infographic


Bitcoin market is going through a continuous decline since the starting of this month, Bitcoin is down about 30% in the month of June. As I’m writing this, bitcoins are trading around $99 on Mt. Gox, the largest exchange, which, last week, suspended USD withdrawal for two weeks. It is possible that panic speculators are flooding the market with sell orders.

Reddit user Semen-Thrower made a nice infographic on how to survive a Bitcoin market crash. Check out the infographic right after the break.

How to Survive a Bitcoin Crash

Note : Bitcoin was never designed to be a get-rich brisk plan and there’s small sensitivity for those who lost cash. As lead planner Gavin Andresen has said, don’t put more in bitcoins than you are eager to lose. The value of bitcoins could arrive at $10,000 or about as effortlessly retreat to zero.


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