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Get Free Bitcoins Daily By Surfing Online


Want some bitcoins for free? Well, here we have a up to date list of website, which offers small amount of bitcoins on daily, hourly basis. All you have to do things like viewing advertisements, answering questions, trying apps, referring others to the website, and making purchases at other websites. Some site also offers to complete a survey for free bitcoins. Then, just wait a while- as many as 24 hours depending on the service- and there you go! It’s quite the run-around, I know, but free money!

Get Free Bitcoins Daily

Here we collected number of sites that enable you to earn bitcoins for free. The amount of bitcoins you can earn is usually very low, but these sites are boon of the Bitcoin community as it provides an easy way for newcomers to get their first bitcoins without investing money. All you need is internet connection, free time and a bitcoin address which is 34 - 36 character long and starts with 1. This address is all you need to receive payments. If you don’t have your bitcoin address, follow our previous guide to get your own bitcoin address. If you have a decent hardware on your PC / Laptop, then you should consider to mine your own bitcoins. For newbies we already published a guide to mine bitcoins with your PC / Laptop.

Following are some of the services where you can get bitcoin for free or by doing little work:

  • >>> This site give out free bitcoins to users for visiting its site. You get free bitcoins only once per day and you can visit this site again tomorrow to get some more free bitcoins.
  • >>> You can get a small amount of free bitcoins each day.
  • Bitcoins4Me >>> An hourly based website with daily payouts, no registration required just fill your bitcoin address and prove you are a human.
  • >>> This site give out free bitcoins to users for visiting its site. You get free bitcoins only once per day and you can visit this site again tomorrow to get some more free bitcoins.
  • >>> Another one bounty per 24 hours, i.e. you can get a new prize 24 hours after requesting your previous prize.
  • >>> CoinAd is a “free bitcoins” website, where you can get small (sometimes big) prizes every hour. All you have to do is to imput your address, security code, wait a few seconds and click the ‘Go!’ button.
  • BitVisitor >>> Bitvisitor give out free bitcoins for browsing other sites for a minimum of 5 minutes. They don’t require an account for this, just enter your bitcoin address and start browsing sites. That’s it.
  • Bit Pasta >>> BitPasta uses advertising networks that pay in bitcoin. When people view your pastes, money may be earned from ads shown. A share of the income from your paste will be sent directly to your bitcoin address.
  • Coin Worker >>> with coinworker you only need to enter your payment address to register. When you complete a simple task you get paid, around 0.01BTC straight to your payment address with in minutes.
  • Coin URL >>> Coin URL pays you bitcoins for shortening your URLs with its service. Everytime someone visit through your link, coin url account some bitcoins on your behalf.
  • Bitcoin Get >>> Just watch videos and complete tasks to earn bitcoins.
  • Earn Bitcoin >>> A survey based website where you get 0.01 bitcoins just for signing up! You can also earn 0.2 to 2.00 bitcoins each just for filling out the forms.
  • Bitcoin Pyramid >>> The concept is simple, distribute almost all of advertising revenue to viewers, just like services like Daily Bitcoins and CoinAd.
  • BTCFree >>> Here you can earn free bitcoins every 24 hours. BTCFree have a low payment of 0.0001
  • >>> Your one stop shop for major free bitcoin giving away sites. They save your bitcoin address, and link you with most popular sites. Coinreaper also take care for how long you need to wait before you can go back to each site.
  • >>> has a collection of links to most of above mentioned sites, automatic address entry and timers to help you know when you can return to each site for more.

If you know another great  faucet, just let us know by posting comment below.


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