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How To Get Your Own Bitcoin Address

What is my bitcoin address ? how to create bitcoin address ? how to find your bitcoin address ?  how to get bitcoin address ? these are the question, most of newbies are looking for. First of all we suggest you to go through our previous article on beginners guide to bitcoin. Back to bitcoin address, one can get his own bitcoin address by installing / registering a wallet. Bitcoin clients are called wallets. Like a real wallet they store your coins. If you loose your wallet, that is the file your client stores the data, you loose your money.

Lets start with type of bitcoin wallets, there are three types of bitcoin wallet.

  1. Software wallets
  2. Mobile wallets
  3. Web wallets

First is Software Wallet, a software client for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Software wallets are most secure and give you complete control of your wallet. You are responsible for doing backups and protecting your money.

Second is Mobile Wallet, currently available for Android only. Mobile wallets allow you to carry Bitcoin in your pocket anytime, anywhere. You can exchange / spend coins easily by scanning a QR code or using NFC “tap to pay”.

Third is Web Wallets, don’t require any software installation but insecure since you are depend on a third party. However, you must choose your web wallet service with care as they host your bitcoins. As of today, no web wallet service provide enough insurance to be used to store value like a bank. Some of credible online wallets are as following.

Once again, if you have enough disk space on your PC / Mac and sufficient internet connection, we strongly advise you to install a software wallet.

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