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Butterfly Labs Bitforce 5 GH/s Miner Video Demo


After over eight months of delays, it seems as though the Butterflylabs race to ship their Asic based Bitcoin mining computer is finally drawing to a close. Today Butterflylabs posted first ever working demo of their upcoming 5 GH/s miner unit. BitForce is a Asic miner for mining Bitcoin, produced by Butterflylabs as a small cube-shaped device that connects via USB to your computer. Check the video demonstration of miner, right after the break.

In past, BFL missed all of their deadlines and many people started to believe them as a scam. This video proves BFL to be a legitimate company building real products and not out to scam anyone.

ASICMiner, Butterfly Labs, and Avalon are only three major competitors out there. ASICMiner has a business model that is different from the others, they don’t offer any physical product. Avalon Asic miner is the only miner available in the wild, but limited availability and high prices made BFL miner a winner (only if BFL starts shipping their products). Let’s see how much time it takes to ship first Bitforce miner to general public.


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  1. Patrick May 13, 2013 Reply

    How profitable would a 5 gh/s bitminer be? I’m looking to get into the mining game and this would a nice introductory piece of hardware. I’ll be going to PSU in the fall and I wouldn’t have to pay for utilities and bandwidth is unlimited.

    • Vinay Prashar May 13, 2013 Reply

      At current difficulty it’s possible to mine 0.056 BTC per GH/s in one day. So 5 GH miner can make you 0.28 BTC / Day.

      Note : The number of BTC TODAY has nothing to do with how much you will receive when you do get the BFL. If you order today and recieve in september, your machine you will produce much less in comparison to today.

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