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TREZOR Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Accepting Pre-orders


Finally the wait is over and much awaited TREZOR wallet is available for Pre-order (check here). TREZOR, one of it’s kind hardware wallet for Bitcoin, which enable users to store their bitcoins off their personal computers. TREZOR is developed by Marek Palatinus aka “slush” or commonly known as inventor of the pooled mining concept and Pavol Rusnak aka “stick”.

Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

TREZOR is basically a hardware device to store private keys to your bitcoin addresses. Since all transactions are signed in the device itself, the keys never leave the device and so your coins are safe from virus theft, malicious code or an attacker.

TREZOR wallet comes in two different case editions - the TREZOR Classic with a reinforced-plastic case and the TREZOR Metallic made of polished aluminium. The metallic cased wallet will cost 3 BTC and the plastic case will be available for 1 BTC.

Features & Functions of TREZOR Wallet :

  • Deterministic BIP 0032 compatible wallet algorithm (=unlimited count of addresses).
  • No need for periodic backups, writing down the seed to paper during the device initialization will be enough forever.
  • Unlimited count of inputs and outputs in transaction (transaction streaming API).
  • Plug & Play - no driver installation on a desktop computer required.
  • Unauthorized physical access to wallet protected by PIN.
  • Optionally wallet will require one-time-passwords for important actions.


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