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Symantec Warns For Fake Mt.Gox Sites


With growing popularity of the Bitcoin it has become one of the most profitable target for cyber hackers. During the last few months we have seen an increase in the number of attacks and threats involving the virtual currency.

Symantec Warns Fake Mtgox

According to Symantec report, hackers are targeting bitcoin users with fake Mt. Gox’s look alike site. Hackers made a number of fake Mt. Gox sites that use the mtgox name with a different top-level domain name, for example : .org, .net, .de, or etc. Cybercriminals are also using Google Adwords and other online advertisement portals to promote these sites.

These fake sites are designed to trick visitors into downloading and installing a fake MTGOX_Wallet.exe file, which in fact is identified as a Trojan that downloads more malware onto the compromised machine to steal passwords.

As a result if a user gets infected, the file containing the keys to use your bitcoin addresses will be stolen. The wallet file can be protected by a password but most of the malwares we have found have key logging capabilities that could steal the wallet password as well.

If you want to secure your bitcoins from hackers then don’t forget to apply the following precautions.


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