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Lealana, First Physical Litecoin Now Available For Order


Lealana, first ever physical Litecoin made of silver is now available for order. Each Lealana Litecoin is a collectible coin with its own Litecoin address and a redeemable “private key” on the inside, underneath the hologram. Each coins come with value of 10 LTC, and can only be paid for in Litecoin / Bitcoin. Each coin is made of .999 fine Silver, has a diameter of about of 30 mm (or 1.1811 inches).

Lealana Litecoin

At the time of writing, 1 LTC is worth about $2.58, but you can’t purchase these coins with fiat currency, as Litecoin / Bitcoin is the only accepted form of payment. One Lealana coin costs 28 LTC / 0.97 BTC + shipping extra, U.S. Shipments costs 10 LTC / 0.35 BTC and Non U.S. Shipments is 18 LTC / 0.62 BTC.

Lealana Litecoins are physical coins

According to the announcement in a forum post, the website where these coins will be sold is still under development but initial orders may be placed directly by contacting the vendor over the PM.

Physical Litecoins is good option to be acquired by non-technical people. Lealana coins are also great for  those who don’t trust that they can protect their own Litecoins held in their online wallet.



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