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Butterfly Labs Announces Monarch, 28nm 600GH/s PCI Mining Blade


Butterfly Labs just announced The Monarch, 28 nm Asic based Bitcoin mining PCI card priced at $4680 for 600 GH/s speed. BFL Monarch claims to be most power-efficient bitcoin miner @ 350W for 600 GH/s mining power, that means $ 7.80 /GH and 0.6w per GH.

BFL don’t accept paypal / credit card anymore, you can still pre-order using Bitcoin, Dwolla or Bank Transfer only. Previous customers can also transfer their pending 65nm product order into new 28 nm product order queue.

BFL Monarch

Company claims for  November/December delivery but their previous record in shipping products on time time is not that great. For example check this comment by a redditor.

From past experience to anyone new here considering purchasing from this company, if they are promising November/December 2013 delivery, you can expect to receive it in January or February of 2015. No, I am not joking.

It took BFL 14 months from when they started taking pre-orders for their ASIC line to when they finally started shipping them in any kind of volume to real customers.

We suggest you to hold your money until company shows a video of working demo unit. We’ll keep you informed with the latest updates of The Monarch and all other Bitcoin Asic developments, keep following us on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. J2383 August 18, 2013 Reply

    I don’t know how they’re still in business…actually, I suppose they’re in business because they’ve put up a pretty big “no refunds” policy. They’re releasing new products when they still having shipped out any products ordered this year? I sure as heck won’t be ordering from them ever again.

    When I paid for my 5GH miner, I hadn’t been interested in mining for myself, I’d known about bitcoins and had bought and sold some; but never mined any. When I saw they had an ASIC for a little less than $300, I decided I’d get one and try to mine some bitcoins. I used a mining calculator to check it out, and found that with the difficulty at the time (this was back in April 2013) it would have earned roughly 0.33 bitcoins a day, not too shabby. Even had the difficulty factor gone up 10 times that in the time it too them to mail it to me, I would have started out at a rate of about 1 BTC a month and it would have dwindled off slowly.

    I realize that had BFL been on top of things and mailed everything out, the difficulty would have been much higher back in April, and I probably wouldn’t have wasted my money for the mere pennies a day I’m going to get when it finally does arrive. Heck, according to one calculator, if I got it right now, and started running it at the current difficulty I would earn about a bitcoin a month (at the current difficulty, it would be 1.5, but with the rapidly rising difficulty I’d be pleased to earn even 1) and I would not see that as a complete waste of my time and money.

    I bought it because I was looking at the market as it was back in April, had I had any idea of what the market would be like when I got it (and I still don’t even know) I would never have given them all that money.

    What irks me about the whole situation is that whenever ANYONE brings up in the BFL forum or blog comments the fact that they’re a year behind on shipping products out, the admins get an incredible bad attitude about it. I understand that it’s frustrating to have everyone be so angry when you’re so sure your product will change their mind; but when you’re a over a year behind on your work and someone gets upset at you for it what you’re supposed to do it is take it. Admit to your own failures and improve, rather than trying to whine that complaining isn’t going to make you work any faster; because it’s pretty obvious that nothing could possibly make you work any slower either.

  2. Anonymous December 5, 2013 Reply

    Are we forgetting to mention Josh scammed over $1 million and is currently on probation? yeah, BFL are a group of CRIMINALS waling the streets taking more money when they belong in prison!

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