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Mining Bitcoin Consumes Same Power As 31,000 Homes Daily

In recent days Bitcoin made a lot of buzz and exhibited a very high volatility in the price: after reaching $ 260 by Bitcoin has plummeted to between 50 and 80 dollars then up


What is mBTC, uBTC - Bitcoin Conversion

Ever wondered what is an mBTC or uBTC is equal to? Don’t know how to convert uBTC to mBTC or mBTC to BTC and vice versa. In this post we will try to explain


MtGox Says No DDoS Attack, We Became Victim Of Own Success

After peaking it’s top $265, bitcoin plunges down more than $100 on Wednesday afternoon. A lot of speculations are going around about how and what’s causing the crash. Earlier yesterday the reason being given


List Of Bitcoin Mining Pools

As you know bitcoins are produced by solving a complex algorithm. Whichever computer / miner solves the problem first receive his stash of Bitcoins. In order to solve bitcoin algorithm, a huge amount of