B21 to launch investment application in India

B21 is a mobile app that is aimed at first-time investors of cryptocurrency. The mobile application was launched recently. The company has now expanded its service to India. Many investors and economists are watching the new launch closely to evaluate its impacts on the Indian market.

From the records, the move to launch the app in India is believed to be a remarkable one. The introduction is expected to take the company’s profit to greater heights concerning the Indian conditions.

With the growing crypto investor population in the Indian market, the timely introduction of the investment app can reach more numbers. However, there is an element of uncertainty persisting, of which you can read in detail in the following excerpts.  

Why are the investment app services expanded to India?

There is a question on why India and not some other country. The reason is detailed below.

The country, India has been witnessing a surge in trading volumes and consumer interests. The sudden rise was accounted for the Supreme court’s order that permits banking services for cryptocurrency exchanges. This was against the central bank’s plea to ban such facilities.

The impact on the Indian economy and consumers has been remarkable. This prompted the company to expand the services of this mobile app to India. Thus, the move can be justified.

Features of the mobile investment application

Using different payment methods like Debit cards, bank transfers, and the Unified payments interface, the users of the investment app can fund their investments in terms of Indian rupees. This feature attracts many users to the app.

Another remarkable specialty of the app is that it allows investments in the form of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies can be ether, Bitcoin, and EOS. The conditions shall be subjected to a minimum of $25, which accounts for a 2000 INR sum. The services are presently available in sixty-five nations, of which one is the United States.

The app provider underlines that Prime Trust protects the B21 crypto assets. Hopefully, this secures the assets and instills confidence and trust in the investor.

Indian Scenario

The mobile app was launched at the beginning of this year. The newbie crypto investors are the main target population of the app. It was launched in response to a Supreme Court order that permits digital asset firms banking against the central bank’s pleas to ban it.

Consequently, such restrictions that rested on the aspect were released, and a significant proportion of the Indian population was researching crypto-currency investing.

Though this marked the demand for the local cryptocurrency industry, the situation is still unsure. There have been rumors regarding the ban on cryptocurrency by the Indian government. The news regarding this had been out in the mid of June.

Binance is one of the top crypto exchanges that has joined the Indian tech industry association recently. The company fought against the bans imposed by RBI in the Supreme Court, and the arguments are ongoing, thereby making the situation uncertain.


However, it is believed that B21 can make goodwill in the Indian market and win the hearts of the crypto investors in the region. But the app has to wait to unwind the consequences that follow in the Indian market finally. This is due to the uncertainty persisting in the Indian conditions. As the discussions and debates are still ongoing, a firm conclusion cannot be made at once.

However, the chances are that the crypto investors in the Indian market will not be disappointed.

If the app can satisfy the Indian investors in terms of its user interface, features, and security aspects, it probably has a promising future in the Indian market.