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WebMoney Now Supports Bitcoin In Russia


Webmoney, Russia biggest online payment system announced support for Bitcoin (check here). Webmoney now trades Bitcoin under WMX unit. 1 WMX is 0,001 BTC aka 1 mBTC, i.e. 1,000 WMX is equal to one Bitcoin. Webmoney currently supports WMZ, WME, WMR, WMU, WMB, WMG and so on, which are the digital equivalent of the Dollar, Euro, Russian Rubble, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Belarusian rubble and gold, respectively.

Registered users can trade WMX using WM Keeper Light, as well as latest version of WM Keeper Classic. Bitcoin can be exchanged for any other currency according to the current exchange rate. The service itself is not able to transfer money from one currency to another. With its help, you can also pay at online stores that work with WebMoney. The company claims to have more than 11 million active users and over 10,000 merchants.


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