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MaxCDN, NetDNA Now Accept Bitcoin


MaxCDN and NetDNA, one of the most popular Content Delivery Network now accept Bitcoins as payment. Those who don’t know, MaxCDN loads your files from original server to end users at their nearest geographic location thus reducing your site’s load-time.

MaxCDN offer an aggressive $39.95 for your first TB. They use BitPay as their Bitcoin gateway and as usual, no refunds for Bitcoin payments. MaxCDN also offers a 20% discount for new customers who sign up with Bitcoin. Sign up here.

Following is the official announcement from MaxCDN :

We’re happy to announce that we now accept Bitcoins as payment on the MaxCDN order form. We’re supporters of the open source ecosystem, and a large component is being responsive to requests from the community. Developers, a core portion of our customer base, are requesting this payment method and we’re excited to use the emerging “coin of the realm” for transactions.

We’ve partnered with BitPay as our payment service provider (currently, no refunds are possible with Bitcoin orders). In addition to our core CDN offering, we plan on adding Bitcoin support for add-on purchases as well. Here’s looking to a bright future for this new currency.

In fact this site also runs on MaxCDN.  We are very impressed with the results of integrating the website with MaxCDN, especially since it only cost $40 a year.


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