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How To Install CGMiner In Linux To Mine Litecoins


You may’ve heard of mining Litecoins in Linux is more fruitful than Windows. In fact, this is true. Linux has many advantages over Windows when it comes to USB Flash Drive Install (No HDD Required), Less hardware requirements (i.e. RAM), Can be administrated remotely and last but not least it’s free and secure of malware attacks.

Install CGMiner In Linux To Mine Litecoins

Linux has it’s drawbacks too, for example no support for GPU Overclocking and hard to understand for newbies. If you are a Linux newbie and trying to set up your mining rig, just follow the step-by-step instructions as they’re written below.

Instructions To Install CGMiner in Linux

Step 1. Make sure you have installed AMD catalyst drivers, if you don’t the follow these instructions first (How To Install AMD ATI Drivers In Ubuntu Linux) and then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. Open terminal and copy/paste/execute following commands.

  • Download CGMiner from official source (You can always check the latest version here).
  • Unzip it to a directory with following command.
tar jxvf cgminer-3.3.1-x86_64-built.tar.bz2
  • If you got libcurl4 error, install the curl lib
sudo apt-get install curl
  • Now check if CGMiner detects all of your GPUs properly or not.
cd cgminer-3.3.1-x86_64-built
export DISPLAY=:0
./cgminer -n

Step 3. That’s it your CGMiner is ready, now we just need to execute a simple command to mine Litecoins (Altcoins).

  • Launch your terminal and enter to the CGMiner directory with following command.
cd cgminer-2.9.5-x86_64-built
  • Now it’s time to execute the final command as per your hardware. I used following command on my Sapphire 7950 GPU using 21712 thread concurrency and 18 Intensity. You can change these parameters according to your requirements.
  • Replace -u and -p with your own username and password.
./cgminer --scrypt -o -u btcpedia.1 -p lm3524lm --thread-concurrency 21712 -I 18 -w 256 -g 1

There is a mining hardware comparison on the Litecoin wiki where you can find various configuration settings for various GPU’s.


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  1. Jimmy October 31, 2013 Reply

    It’s not free and secure of malware attacks.
    It is better, but you STILL need to configure some security.

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