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How To Buy Amazon Gift Card With Bitcoins Online


So let’s say you’ve some Bitcoins to spend online but most websites aren’t set up to accept Bitcoin payments. What are you supposed to do with Bitcoins?

We have compiled a list of some trustworthy services that gives Bitcoins users an easy way to cash out by trading the currency for Amazon, iTunes and some other gift card codes. Personally i prefer Amazon Gift Card since they have listed most of my needs.

Buy Amazon Gift Card With Bitcoins Online

Following are the websites with Amazon Gift Card option.

  • Bitmit, is the one of the most easiest and safest way to buy Amazon Gift Card and lots of other goodies. Just sign up with Bitmit and search for Amazon Gift Card. Most of the sellers offer escrow service and digital delivery with in 24 hours. You can buy $10 to $1000 card depending on availability.

Note : Just like any other auction site you’ve to check the authenticity of the seller yourself. Simply checkout sellers feedback score, customer reviews and his verification details before placing an order.

  • is the second best option after Bitmit. GiftcardBTC  allow you to change your BTCs for common denomination gift cards. They offer $25, $50 and $100 worth of Amazon gift cards. You needn’t to create an account with them, simply click here and choose the value of giftcard you want.  Enter your e-mail address and bitcoin address and you’ll receive an address for you and the amount BTC’s to send.
  • iTradeBtc is a dedicated Gift card shop for Bitcoiners. iTradeBtc offers Amazon Gift card from $5 to $100. They also offer wide range of gift cards including iTunes, Pizza’s, Cellular Cards and lot more.
  • Bitcointalk Forum, you can also look for Amazon Gift card sellers on official bitcoin forum. Make sure to double check the reputation of seller and for bigger transactions always prefer trusted escrow service.

Note for buyers : The above mentioned services are tested by ourselves and we also checked their reputation on various forums by googling. So feel free to test them out, if you have a good or bad story with any of these services just post your story in comments below.

Note for sellers : If you want to get listed your services here, contact us with your details. We’ll review your service and if found satisfactory, we’ll list in no time.


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