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How To Setup Ripple Wallet and Address


Ripple (XRP), a bitcoin alternative or successor is making it’s way in the world of digital currency. In order to get started with Ripple, first of all you need to register a Ripple wallet with official website. Ripple is still in beta so currently the only official client is that web client at I assume that as Ripple gains popularity there will be mobile phone clients and desktop clients just like bitcoin. Following are the instructions to setup a ripple wallet and ripple address.

Step 1 : Go to

Ripple  Wallet

Step 2 : Create your account by entering your desired username and password.

Step 3 : You’ll be awarded with a Secret Account Key, in case that you lose your wallet name or passphrase. Note down this key and save on a safe place.

Step 4 : Now login with your user name / password. To check your ripple wallet address navigate to “Receive”. For visual guide check the video right after the break.

Once you have an account, next step is to activate it. Unlike in Bitcoin, you cannot simply create as many Ripple accounts as you want you also need to make an initial deposit of 300 XRP, in order for the account to become usable.


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  1. Evolutionary April 23, 2013 Reply

    Hi I followed your article! Great find! Could you please send me some Ripples?

  2. chris May 8, 2013 Reply

    Great article, will recommend it to my friends who are curious to learn more about ripple and the possibility of free international money transfers. – I followed your instructions above, but could not activate my ripple wallet since I am not a bitcoin user.
    — would you be so kind and send me 100 or more ripples to activate my wallet?
    ripple address: rHH7hS2CPqyQKg9mzMFfagWtzRXvsvbVyq
    Thank you!

  3. John May 22, 2013 Reply

    It looks like they have updated it from the 300 required ripples stated in the article to 100.

    If anyone wants to activate my account my ripple address is..


  4. David May 26, 2013 Reply

    Grateful to anyone who activates my account:

  5. Johannes June 17, 2013 Reply

    Could anyone activate my ripple address?


    Much appreciated

  6. Mark July 25, 2013 Reply

    Just created my account, thank you very much! Anyone willing to spare 300 or 100 XRP to activate my account?



  7. Dedale59 August 25, 2013 Reply


    Could anyone activate my ripple address?


    Thank you very much!

  8. Alexey November 14, 2013 Reply


    I’m the first one from Russia! The pioneer!
    I could not find any chance to activate the account, except “have another user to send you 100 or more XRP”, couse “join SnapSwap gateway” is not the case – it requires USA residence!

    So, please help me and send XRP to

    Thank you very much in advance!

  9. CNN man November 20, 2013 Reply


    Could anyone activate my ripple address?



  10. DMag November 21, 2013 Reply

    Hi Everyone!

    Would appreciate anyone willing to help activate my account. Please send XRP to


    Thanks so much!

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